Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with S

Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with S
Name Meaning
Shanvi Goddess Parvati
Sai Female friend, A flower
Sheza good religious girl
Shifa cure
Saira poetess, princess
Shichi glow
Shravya Musical tone, Worthy of being heard
Shichi glow
Suvi summer
Saaiqa lightning
Seem name of a flower
Sriya Goddess Laksmi
Sannihitha Togetherness
Saketha Lord Krishna
Saarya Name of a pious woman
Saanvi Goddess Laxmi
Saatwika A tree
Sachchit Lord Brahma
Stuthi Goddess Durga
Sajiv Lively
Sajili Decorated
Saavi Goddess Lakshmi, The Sun
Sahasra A new beginning
Sahana Raaga or patience
Sadhita Completed
Samiya Elevated, Lofty, Incomparable
samihitha put together, joined, union
Sria Happy, Joy
Sananda Happy, Very pleasing
Sahila Guide
Saanjh Evening
Saachi Truth
Saanjh Evening
Suhani Beautiful
Saanvi Goddess Lakshmi
Sabrang Rainbow
Sada Always or Princess
Saesha One with strong desire
Sagarika Wave
Sahasya Mighty
Sahila Guide
Sahira Wakeful
Sahitya Literature
Saina Princess
Saira Happy or Beautiful
Salila Water
Samanmitha Pleasing
Samhitha Collective
Sampada Blessing
Samprithi Achievement
Samvidha Lead
Samyuktha Together
Sana Prayer
Sanemi Perfect
Sania Brilliant, Happy
Sanjuktha Union
Sansitha Praise
Santathi Goddess Durga
Sanvi Goddess Lakshmi
Sara Pure, Queen
Sathya Truth
Saugandhika Good smell
Saurabhi Fragrance
Shagun Auspicious
Saloni Beautiful
Sharmista Daughter of king Vrishparva
Shreshta Lord Vishnu
Shyamala Goddess durga,
Sinhayana Goddess Durga
Siny Blue
Sabrangi Rainbow
Sonika Daughter of sun
Sravani Spiritually intense
Sreenithi Goddess Lakshmi
Sreya Best
Sruthakirthi Wife of shatrugnya in Ramayana
Sruthi One of the three main sources of dharma
Stuthi Goddess Durga
Suchaya Shining
Suchismitha One with pious smile
Sudakshima Wife of King Dilip
Sudena Goddess Lakshmi
Sumi Good
Saachee Beloved
Saagnika Fiery, passionate, or with fire
Saahana Raga
Saahithi Literature
Saanvika A name of Goddess Lakshmi
Saarya Name of a pious woman
Saavi Goddess Lakshmi
Saavini The name refers to the month of Saavan.
Sabari Variegated, Belonging to the sabara tribe
Sabhramati Full of water
Sabita Beautiful Sunshine
Sabri Lord Ram’s Devotees
Sabrina Passion
Sachi Truth
Sachika One who is kind
Sachita Consciousness
Sachith A person with good mind and heart
Sadhana Accomplishment, Worship
Sadhika Chaste, Virtuous, Faithful
Sadhna Worship
Sadhri Conqueror
Sadhvi Chaste, Virtuous, Faithful
Sadia lucky
Sadvati Righteous, Truthful
Saesha With Great Desire And Wish
Saguna Possessed Of Good Qualities
Sahadevi Protected by the goddesses, Mighty goddess
Sahaja Natural
Sahima With snow
Sahita The Lord Saibaba Message
Sahitya Literature
Sahna Form, Figure, Complexion
Saibya Belonging to the sibis
Saila Dwelling in the mountain
Sailaja Daughter of the mountain
Saivi Prosperity
Sajani Sweetheart
Sajili Decorated
Sakhalini One that has branches, Supreme among the branches
Saksi With eyes, Witness
Sakti Power, Ability, Strength
Saktimati Powerful
Sakuntala Bird, Protected bye the bird
Salika Flute
Salini With a fixed abode, Settle
Salmavati She who is peaceful
Salmee A woman with calm disposition.
Salmi Beautiful and endearing.
Saloni Beautiful
Salonia Peace
Sama Of a peaceful nature, Similarity
Samani The calming one, Night
Samanvi One who has all the best qualities
Samasti All that is reaching, Totality, The universe
Sambhuti Birth, Origin
Samedi Moving one, A mother attending on Skanda
Sameena Happy
Samici Praise, Eulogy
Samidha An Offering For A Sacred Fire
Samira A chameli flower
Samiti Committee, Senate
Sampreeti Real love and attachment
Sampriya Full loved, Dear beloved
Samriddhi Prosperity
Samrita Provided with nectar
Samrti Coming together, Meeting
Samta Equality
Samyukta Goddess Durga
Sanchita Collection
Sandana Fragrance
SandanaChelvi Fragrance
SandanaValli Fragrance
Sandhaya Collection
Sandhya Holding together, Union
Sangani Companion
Sanghavi Goddess Lakshmi
Sangini Life Partner
Sangiti Concert, Symphony
Sanheeta A compilation or a bunch of Vedic hymns
Sanidhya Nera
Sanika A flute
Sanithi Obtainment
Sanjali With the hands hollowed and joined in prayer
Sanjana One who joins, creator
Sanjeeda Silent
Sanjeeta Triumphant, Flute
Sanjevani Immortality
Sanjh Evening
Sanjita Triumphant, Flute
Sanjiti Complete Victory
Sanjiya Love, beauty and brilliance.
Sanjna Well Known
Sanjoli Period of twilight
Sanjona The creator.
Sanjushree Beautiful
Sanjyoti Light Of Sun
Sankhya Welfare, Comfort, Felicity
Sanmita Godess Parvathi, Prasanna Lakshmi
Sannidhi Nearness
Sanoli Possessed with self penance, Introspective
Sansiddhi Perfection, Success
Sanskruti Culture
Santani continuing, Music
Santati A name of Goddess Durga. It means granter of wishes.
Santi Tranquility, Peace
Santidevi Goddess of peace
Santoshi Goddess Name
Santosi Satisfied, Contented
Sanumati Mountain, An apsara
Sanuthi An intelligent woman or one with good brains.
Sanvi Goddess Lakshmi
Sara Hard, Firm, Solid
Sarada A vina or lute bearer, A sarasvati
Sarakshi Good Sight
Sarala Fluent
Sarangi A spotted doe, A ragini
Sarani Protecting, Guarding
Saranya Defender, Giving shelter
Sarasvati Region abounding in pools, Full of essences
Sari Bird, Arrow
Sarika A string of pearls, Jewel, Lake, The sky
Sarita Moving, Stream
Sarmila Shy
Saroja Lotus
Sarojini Abounding in lotuses
Sarvani Omnipresent, Perfect
Sarvari Night
Sarvastra With all weapons
Sashilekha A digit of moon
Sasi Hare marked, An apsara
Sasikala Digit of the moon
Sasikanta Beloved of the moon, The white lotus flower, A river
Sasthi A praise, A hymn, Another name for durga
Satarupa With a 100 forms
Satha Faith, one who is faithful
Sati Truthful, A female ascetic
Satvanti Full of truth, Faithful
Satyadevi Goddess of truth
Satyasandha True in promise
Satyavadini Always speaking the truth
Saudamani Lightning, A daughter of kasyapa and vinata
Saujanya Good, Kind, Generosity, Loving
Saumya Related to the moon, Calm
Saunanda Sweet natured, The wife of vatsapri
Saurabhi Possessing Fragrance
Saurati Always pleasing, A ragini
Savady Thai greeting.
Saveri With saffron, A ragini
Savini Nectar giving, A river
Savitri Solar power, Ray of light
Sawatdee Thai greeting
Seerthi Fame
Selvakumari Prosperous Girl
SelvaMalar Prosperous + Flower
SelvaMangai Prosperous Girl
SelvaNayagi Prosperous Girl
Selvarasi Prosperous Girl
Semanti The Indian white rose
Sendhen She who is as sweet as honey
Sengamalam Red Lotus Flower
Sentamarai Red Lotus Flower
Sentamil Pure Tamil
SenTamilChelvi Pure Tamil Girl
SenTamilMani Tamil Gem
Sephali With drowsy bees, Very fragrant, The coral jasmine tree
Sevandhi Chrysanthemum
Shachi Wife of Lord Indra
Shalini Modest
Shama A flame
Shanoli One who is kind hearted.
Shanti Peace
Sharmila Happy
Sharvani Goddess Parvati
Shashi The moon
Shashibala The moon
Shashikala Phases of Moon, crescent, moon’s arc
Sheela cool
Sheetal Cool
Shehani Magic
Shemunshi Name of an Indian white rose
Shemushi Intellect, understanding
Shipra A river
Shivagami Follower of Lord Shiva
Shivangi Beautiful
Shivani Goddess Parvati
Shivankruti Creation of Lord Shiva
Shivanta A part of Lord Shiva
Shivanti Part of Lord Shiva
Shivanya A part of Lord Shiva
Shivasundari A name of Goddess Durga
Shivaya A name of Lord Shiva
Shraddha Veneration
Shreeya A name of Goddess Lakshmi. It means lucky.
Shrejal A beautiful name, meaning best, first or foremost.
Shrena A name of Goddess Lakshmi.
Shubhita Graceful, shining
Shukarata One with a beautiful character
Shuki One who is bright and quick witted
Shulka A name of Goddess Saraswati
Shumi Light
Siddhi Accomplishment, Prosperity
Sikha Crest, Plume, Topknot
Sikra Clever, Artistic
Silambu Name of an Ornament
Silpa A woman with good proportions
Silpi Artisan
Sima Boundary, Summit, Rule of morality
Simarou To be in the state of meditation
Simbala One who comes from the Pond
Simhanada The sound of the lion’s roar
Sindhuja Name of the Goddess Laxmi
Sinhayana Name of Goddess Durga
Sinhi Lioness
Sinjini The sound the anklet makes
Siopareet A woman who inspires love
Sipha The lash of a whip, A tuft of hair on the crown of the head
Sipra Cheeks, The visor of a helmet
Sita Wife of rama
Sitaara One who is like a morning star
Sitara A star
Sitasi Cold eater
Sitesh The Lord Ram’s wife
Sithara Star
Sitika Coldness
Sivakami One who is the wife of the Lord Nataraja
Sivani Parvati the wife of siva
Siyasundari Wife of Lord Shiva
Skunti Bird
Sliavati Virtuous, moral
Sloka One who is like a Hymn
Smarani Act of remembering, A rosary of beads
Smita Smiling girl
Smitha One with a divine smile
Smiti To bring people happiness
Smriti Memory
Smruti One who is like a memory, a memorable person
Sneh Love
Sneha Love
Snehalata A love vine
Snehi A woman of a friendly nature
Snigda She who is of tender nature
Sobha She who is illuminated
Sobhana Beautiful, Turmeric
Sobodhini Waking the gods
Soch A reliable and honest human being; thought
Sohalia Of the moon’s glow; Radiant and Shining like a moon
Sokhanya A peaceful woman.
Soma Moon-rays
Somalakshmi Lustre of the moon
Somatra Excelling the moon
Sompriti One who is attached
Sona Gold, moonlight
Sonakshi Golden-eyed
Sonal Golden
Sonali Golden
Sonaly A woman made of gold
Soneesh A name of the Goddess Laxmi
Soni A golden ad pretty, but wise woman
Sonia Golden
Sonisay One who creates a good first impression.
Sonita She who is like the ypung Sun
Sonth Spring
Soodamani Pristine Gem
Sopheary One who is attractive and beautiful.
Soumya A decent and beutiful woman
Sourabhi Fragrance, the celestial cow
Souraiya One who is like a Sunlight
Sowjanya A girl who is tender, polite and has a kind nature
Spoorthi One who is full of inspiration
Spoorti A girl full of enthusiasm
Sravanti She who flows like a river
Sreedevi A name of the Goddess Laxmi
Sreva A good natured woman.
Sreya Best woman of great beauty and excellence
Sridevi Goddess Lakshmi
Srijani A person of great creativity
Srividya She is a Goddess of Knowledge an Wealth
Srutayudha The glorious battle or war
Sruti Mohanto
Stavita Praised
Striratna Another name of Goddess Laxmi
Subaja A fortunate victor
Subarna Of the colour of gold
Subhadra A wife of arjuna, sister of krishna
Subhaga A fortunate person
Subhagya Lucky
Subhashini Well-spoken
Subhasini A nice girl who is soft-spoken
Subhra A white woman
Subhuja Auspicious apsara
Subrata Devoted to what is right
Subuhi A cold morning breeze
Suchandra Beautiful
Sucharita Of good character
Sucheta one with good mind
Suchhaya A woman of great shine
Suchi Radiant
Suchira Tasteful
Suchita Beautiful
Suchitra Beautiful picture
Sudakshima Wife of king dilip
Sudakshina A woman who is the wife of the most noble king
SudarKodi Brilliant
SudarMadhi Brilliant
SudarMani Brilliant
SudarOli Brilliant
Sudarshana Handsome
Sudarshini The most beautiful of women
Sudarsini Beautiful
Sudeepa Bright
Sudevi Wife of krishna
Sudha Nectar, amrit, earth, daughter
Sudhira A courageous and calm woman
Sudiksha Goddess lakshmi
Sudipta Bright
Sudipti Dazzling bright
Suditi Bright, shining
Sugandha Fragrany, yellow juhi
Sugauri Anothe name of the Goddess Parvati
Sugita Beautifully sung
Suhana A woman of charming personality
Suhani One who is of pleasant nature
Suhashini A woman who always has a smile on her face
Suhasini One with beautiful laughter or smile
Suhina Beautiful
Suhrita Well-disposed
Suja A well-born girl
Sujala Affectionate
Sujata Of good caste, beauty
Sujatha One who belongs to a good caste
Sujaya Victory
Sujetu She who is o noble birth
Sukanya Beautiful damsel
Sukeena Leader of comfort
Sukeshi One with beautiful hair
Sukhi A very happy person
Sukhmani She who is a peace bringer
Sukhrajpreet She who is the Queen of love and peace
Sukriti Good deed
Suksha A girl with enchanting, beautiful eyes
Suksma Fine
Sukushi A woman with gorgeous eyes
Sulaksha A very lucky one
Sulakshana One with good signs
Sulakshmi Goddess Laxmi’s name
Sulbha A natural, easy-going and lovable person
Sulekha A good handwriting
Sulochana One with beautiful eyes
Sumana A good-natured woman
Sumangli A very and truely auspicious woman
Sumati Good minded
Sumavali One who is like a garland
Sumedha She is a very smart and wise woman
Sumi One who is elegant and refind sumie
Sumita Good friend
Sumitra Good Friend; Great friend; One who is a good well wisher
Summah She who looks and smells like a beautiful flower
Sumukhi A beautiful, stunning girl
Sunaina A girl with beautiful eyes
Sunanda White cow, beloved daughter
Sunandini Happy
Sunandita Happy
Sunayana A beautiful eyed woman
Sunayani A woman with lovely eyes
Sunayna A girl with gorgeous eyes
Sundari Beauty
Suneeti Mother of dhruva
Sunetra One with beautiful eyes
Sunila Dark blue
Sunita One with good morals
Suniti One with good morals
Suparna Lotus
Suprabha Good light
Supriti True love
Supriya Cute, adorable, lovely
Surabhi Having a lovely fragrance
Surabi A woman of the waterfalls
Suraksha Protection
Surama A very pleasing woman
Surangana A celestial lady
Surangi A colorful woman
Suranna A woman who is joyous
Surasa A name of the Goddess Durga
Suravinda A beautiful yaksa
Suree One sharp like the knife
Surekha A good line (on the palm)
Surena She is dangerous and sharp like the knife
Surenia A woman who is like a knife
Sureshi Goddess durga
Suriani Sun
Suriawati Female sun
Suriya She is the Sun Goddess
Surotama Auspicious apsara
Surpankha A name of Ravana’s sister. A woman with long fingernails
Surrey To cut like a knife
Suruchi One with good taste
Surupa Beautiful
Suryadita She who can be comapred to the Sun
Suryamani She who is like a flower of some kind
Suryamukhi She whose face is like a Sun
Suryani She is the wife of the Sun
Suryaprabha A woman whose brightness can be compared to the Sun
Suryatapa A woman who worships suraya
Susanthika An active girl
Sushama Beauty
Sushanti Complete peace
Sushila Good conduct
Sushma Beautiful woman
Sushmita Good smile, smiling
Sushobhana Very beautiful
Susil A woman of good character
Susmita Smiling
Suvali A woman who is full of divine grace
Suvarna Gold, good complexion
Suvarnarekha Line of gold
Suvarnmala Golden necklace
Suvitha A woman who lives in welfare and prosperity
Suvrita A well behaved woman
Suvyuha An angel, pure as angel
Svadhi One who like to think things trough
Svaha An Indian name meaning Oblation
Svara She who is the Goddess of all sound
Svitra A white girl
Swapna Dream
Swapnali Dream
Swapnasundari A woman of dreams
Swapnika Dreams
Swara Tones or self shining
Swardhuni River of heaven
Swarna A woman of beautiful gold color
Swarnalata Lustrous
Swarnalaxmi A name of Goddess Parvati
Swarnamala Garland of gold
Swarnaprabha Golden light
Swasti A star that can be seen from all the places
Swati 15th nakshatra
Sweta Fair complexioned
Swetambari An angel dressed in white



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